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WK7AssgnLucas Part 1 Employee Development Plan

Employee Development Plan

Employee Development Plan

Name: Montrice Lucas
Immediate Manager:
Sarah Lee


Strengths: Creating an engaging atmosphere where learning can take place, connecting with learners to ensure they feel loved and important as well as helping them foster a love for learning.
Areas for Improvement: Classroom management/structure; ensuring that all students stay focused on their work while I work with the other grade level.

Development Goals

Long-term:  Accept a position outside of the classroom dealing with the development of educational curriculum for elementary and secondary school systems, as well as college/university level courses.
Short-term: Continue to improve my skills working with many different age groups to ensure that they are achieving academic success.

Next Assignments

  • Graduate with my Masters in IDT with a specialization in Performance Improvement. Timing estimated to be Summer 2014.
  • First client to allow me to showcase my skills and abilities. Timing estimated to be Fall 2014.

Training and Development Needs

  • Professional Learning outside of the workplace
    • Rationale: I think it would be great to see a pro teacher that has a classroom with combined grade levels in action. It would help me to gain a better grasp on how to transition between subjects and assignments with students. It will also show me examples of the classroom management that teacher provides.
  • Adventure Learning
    • Rationale: I currently feel like an outsider because this is my first year working here. My classroom is separate from everyone else (upstairs), so I only see everyone when I clock in and clock out. Adventure learning will help me feel like I belong with the organization. It will help me to build a positive working relationship with all employees, and will also help me develop skills such as leadership and teamwork.
  • Performance Appraisal:
    • Rationale: This will help measure my performance and allow me to know where improvements need to be made and what things I do well. It will also allow me to get feedback on ways to improve and what I should continue to do. “The appraisal system must tell employees specifically about their performance problems and how they can improve their performance” (Noe, 2013 p.383). This will help me to achieve the expected performance you desire me to have.
  • Mentoring:
    • Rationale: Having a mentor will help me develop into an even better teacher. I will get to learn from the more experienced teacher; share experience; get guidance; exposure and skills needed to be more successful.
Employee: Montrice Lucas                          Date: April 20, 2014
Immediate Manager: Sarah Lee               Date: April 20, 2014
Mentor: Brenda Ware                                  Date: April 20, 2014

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