Fitting the Pieces Together

My view still has not changed about how I learn. I still believe that the behaviorist and cognitive learning theories best describe the way I learn. Honestly, I could probably take bits and pieces from each learning theory to explain how I learn but I believe that cognitive and behaviorist theories are more closely related to my learning experiences. I have learned a lot about the different learning theories and learning styles discussed over the past weeks that can help me explain my own personal learning preferences. I may be wrong, but from what I have read and comprehended the cognitive and behaviorist theories best describe how I process information. Behaviorist use positive rewards and punishment to influence learning and the Cognitive theory uses previous experiences. Behaviorist learning occurs through observable behavior that can be measured and cognitive learning occurs through association and repetition. If I am going to learn a new concept and actually store it in my long-term memory, the information must be meaningful to me. I have a bad habit of learning information to get through a test and then after the test is over I won’t remember hardly any of it. I believe this happens because I did not believe the information was meaningful or that I would need to use or recall the information again in the future. Technology plays a major role in my learning experiences. It has become a great tool that makes learning, communicating, sharing ideas, and researching information an easier task that can be completed in the comfort of my home. I use social networks, blogs, blackboard, online classes, online libraries, PowerPoint, and many other resources to enhance my learning experience. I no longer have to drive to my local library to research information because most libraries have resources that you can download and read or listen to online. I use the internet to research topics and share my thoughts with other people. I can also communicate with people all over the world through video conferences. Technology is awesome!


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