Connectivism helps to facilitate learning by providing me with resources on the different topics my professor asks questions about and provides an opportunity for me to collaborate with my colleagues and professor. G-mail and yahoo allows me to send a receive information from people that are all over the world. I can use Google, online libraries, and to look up anything and learn as much as I want about anything.,, and allows me to share my thoughts on different topics and also allows me to learn about many different topics and the views of other people. Twitter and Facebook allows me to connect with people all over the world, learn things about them, collaborate with them, and share my ideas. Groupme allows me to create groups and share messages about many different things with a group of people at the same time. Thebox allows me to share all types of files with people and learn the information that is being shared among everyone. I believe that online search engines, such as Google, online libraries, such as Walden University’s, Thebox, and the blogs I use help to facilitate my learning better. I can research any questions I may have and collaborate with other people using blackboard on Walden University’s website, e-mail applications, and through Thebox. I believe that my personal learning network supports the tenets of connectivism because when collaborating with the digital tools I use, I am able to learn from others, there is diversity of opinions, some of my tools are non-human, the materials are up-to-date and mostly accurate, and I can make connections with work, everyday life, and my resources.


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