Instructional Design blog contribution

After reading the blog 3 Reasons why Students Don’t Participate in Online Discussions I realize that I can relate to the retince student.The lack of motivation is a huge problem with most learners in general but especially adult learners. It is definitely hard trying to work full-time, have a family, and be motivated to do online work as well. I find myself trying to relax my mind so that I can concentrate long enough to read resources and be able to contribute intelligently to the discussion board within my class. This is directly related to reticent students and how they are basically nervous about contributing to online discussions for fear of being wrong.  I sometimes struggle with reticence because I have a hard time understanding the information provided in the resources. In order for me to contribute sometimes I try to directly relate the information provided in the resources to my life. I try to understand how the information provided can work for me or if it is not something relatable.This helps me to process the information and make an intelligent conclusion.


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