Instructional Design

The post How-to Encourage Online Learners to take Responsibilty for their Learning, is very informative. It gives details on how online learners should take responsibility of their learning experiences and how institutions post specific guidelines, learner responsibilities, and expectations. Instructors also outline what they expect from the students or their responsibilities. All these things aide in the success of the students. It helps to better prepare them for the courses they will be taking.

Internet Time Blog post I am a designer is a very good source for Instructional Designers. It gives specifics on what is useful for setting up online classrooms, and uses quotes to explain the role of an effective designer. It also gives specifics on what will and won’t work when designing an online classroom. It’s basically a how-to blog that gives guidelines for online learning.

Edublogs is a blog that gives details about how to use edublog and how it compares to other blogs. It also talks about the usefulness of it for a school, and how friendly the community of people that use this resource are.

All three of these blogs will be very useful for me as an Instructional Designer because they all describe and give examples of how an online community or classroom should be set-up to create a positive, conducive environment for learning.


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